Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lincoln Interactive unique?

The Lincoln Interactive curriculum is unique because it blends lesson content with technology in the 21st century classroom. Students learn using web casts, PowerPoint presentations, interactive labs, discussion boards, and more. Each course can be completed at a student’s own pace.

Who enrolls in Lincoln Interactive courses?

A variety of students enroll in Lincoln Interactive courses. Some students take Lincoln Interactive courses in traditional classrooms, while others take them in their own homes. The Lincoln Interactive curriculum is easily adapted to meet the needs of any student.

Can I enroll my student in just one Lincoln Interactive course?

Yes, parents and school administrators can purchase any part of the Lincoln Interactive curriculum that they feel would be beneficial to their students.

How do I enroll my student in Lincoln Interactive?

You can enroll your student by calling 1-866-990-6637 option 2 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST.

Who develops Lincoln Interactive courses?

Curriculum specialists and certified teachers develop all Lincoln Interactive courses.

What is the teacher's role in a Lincoln Interactive course?

A Lincoln Interactive teacher is referred to as a teacher facilitator, or TF. This certified teacher serves as the content expert for the course. The teacher facilitator evaluates student assignments and tests, answers questions via e-mail and discussion board, and provides support to ensure student success.

How do students interact with teachers?

Teacher facilitators teach courses by video and web cast, which students access online. Students can interact with their teacher facilitator through discussion board posts and e-mail messages.

How long should it take a student to complete a Lincoln Interactive course?

Lincoln Interactive courses are designed to take students one semester, or 90 school days, to complete. But students have the option to work through each course at their own pace. A student can spend more or less time on each objective, depending on his or her needs.

How is a Lincoln Interactive course designed?

Most Lincoln Interactive courses include four units, each with ten lessons. Each unit includes a mid-unit quiz, an exam review, and a unit exam. A final exam is included at the end of the course. Each course includes objectives, reinforcement, and enrichment activities. Many lessons include web casts and interactive activities designed to enhance learning.

What types of activities are included in Lincoln Interactive courses?

Lincoln Interactive courses may include web casts, PowerPoint presentations, web investigations, interactive labs, discussion boards, educational songs, videos, experiments, games, and other activities.

How do students submit assignments in a Lincoln Interactive course?

All assignments and assessments are submitted online to the teacher facilitator. Students can submit a document using the assessment link located at the end of a lesson. For Little Lincoln, assignments and assessments are scanned and submitted to the elementary teacher facilitator.

How can students interact with other students in their Lincoln Interactive courses?

Students can interact with other Lincoln Interactive students via e-mail and discussion board. They can also network using Lincoln Interactive’s social media sites.

When can students access their Lincoln Interactive courses?

Students can access their Lincoln Interactive courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How does a student know his or her current grade in a course?

Students have access to their course grades at all times. Each Lincoln Interactive course has a button labeled "Grades." When a student clicks on that button, the course's gradebook appears. Students will be able to see all assignments that will be graded in the course, their scores for any assignments that have been submitted, the dates of submission for those assignments, and their current grade in the course. Many assessments are automatically graded, so students will see their scores shortly after completing a quiz or test. Other assignments require the teacher facilitator to evaluate student responses. The grade will appear once it is submitted by the teacher facilitator.

How quickly will a student's work be graded?

Teacher facilitators should evaluate students' assignments within 24-48 hours of submission. Exceptions include lengthy written assignments that require additional grading time and feedback.