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Lincoln Interactive Third Grade Samples

Lincoln Interactive Third Grade is comprised of many online and hands-on components. Click a sample below.


  • Language Arts

    Mr. Griot discusses the characters, setting, plot, conflict, and solution of the story Dinosaur Day.

  • Social Studies

    Newscaster Forrester reports on the advantages and disadvantages of living in a mountain community.

  • Science

    Dr. Forrester describes the different types of fossils, how fossils form, and how they create fossil fuels.

  • Math

    Mr. Addit teaches students how to create a pictograph using information from his frog hunts at the pond.

Activities Books

  • Language Arts

    Students practice finding the main idea and supporting details, identifying vocabulary, and writing in cursive.

  • Math

    Students learn to recognize and create number patterns and distinguish between even and odd numbers.

  • Science

    Students will complete Science Lab Journal entries by explaining what science is and writing about a famous scientist.

  • Social Studies

    Students can fill in a KWL chart to learn about the earth and label the continents and oceans on a map.


  • Space Rox

    Target falling meteors threatening to destroy the moon by determining parts of speech.

Guide Books

  • Third Grade

    View this useful tool that provides the Guide with explanations and activities to help the student through each lesson.

Short Stories



  • Ready, Set, Go!

    These daily activities teach students important skills for studying independently, doing homework, and taking tests.