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Lincoln Interactive Fourth Grade Samples

Lincoln Interactive Fourth Grade is comprised of many online and hands-on components. Click a sample below.


  • Language Arts

    Mr. Griot examines some common idioms and identifies similes and metaphors.

  • Social Studies

    Dr. Forrester reads and explains the meaning of the Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln’s famous words during the Civil War.

  • Science

    Dr. Forrester describes the history of the space race and space exploration. She discusses Alan Shepard and Neil Armstrong’s contributions to space exploration.

  • Math

    Mr. Addit describes rectangular prisms, cubes, pyramids, cylinders, spheres, and cones and shows how to find these shapes in the environment.

  • Wellness

    Dr. Algae talks about the importance of choosing a healthy beverage to drink, especially after a workout. He gives examples and discusses the pros and cons of each beverage.

Activities Books

  • Language Arts

    Students recognize genres of literature, identify vocabulary words, analyze poetry, and make inferences.

  • Math

    Students learn to distinguish place value, read and write multi-digit numbers, and compare and order numbers.

  • Science

    Students discover the characteristics of living things, the parts of a plant, and the process of inheriting genetic traits.

  • Social Studies

    Students identify the spheres of Earth, determine how people interact with the environment, and learn to conserve natural resources.


  • Franken Lab

    Test your science knowledge in the Great Zany Scientist’s lab by correctly answering questions to complete a monstrous experiment.

Guide Books

  • Fourth Grade Math Guide Book

    This helpful teaching tool provides the Guide with explanations, activities, answers, and support to help the student through each lesson.

Short Stories

  • Margaret and Gert

    Read one of the many charming and though-provoking short stories found in Lincoln Interactive Literature Collections, 4th Grade.


  • Postcards from Pismo

    Felix Maldonado is a sensitive ten-year-old living in coastal California who, through a school pen pal project, develops a powerful friendship with an American soldier serving in Afghanistan.


  • 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

    This workbook’s daily activities help students develop good study habits, improve test taking skills, and build confidence in preparation for state standardized tests.