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Advanced English Literature Part 2
Sample Unit

Advanced English Literature Part 2 contains 4 units, each containing 10 lessons.

In this course, students will explore the Age of Realism, focusing on the authors Mark Twain and Bret Harte. Students will also compare and contrast works on Realism and Naturalism by focusing on the works of Jack London and Beck Weathers. Students will explore the Modern Era by reading a collection of poetry and modern American fiction works, including short stories and speeches. Students will learn about the Harlem Renaissance by reading and studying essays and poems from that era. Finally, the course will conclude with a study of the Contemporary Period, where students will read many different genres of literature, including poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction.

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Note: Some features in this sample unit are accessible only by currently enrolled students. These include assessments and some interactive features that require a student account. They are included in the sample for demonstration only.