For Educators

We work with educators in a variety of ways to help students succeed.

School Success

Bless the Child Orphanage

Guyana, South America

The National Network of Digital Schools recently donated the Little Lincoln curriculum to educate all 17 children at the orphanage. Little Lincoln’s original storybooks, hands-on activities, and extra practice exercises help to make learning accessible to these children.

Taos Cyber Magnet School

New Mexico

Students at the Taos Cyber Magnet School take both traditional and virtual classes. Math and elective courses are taught in a traditional classroom setting. The virtual classes, provided by Lincoln Interactive, offer a more flexible schedule for the students.

Kansas Online Learning Program


The Kansas Online Learning Program, which already serves Kansas virtual learners and the Centre School District, recently implemented an adult learning program. The Lincoln Interactive curriculum makes it possible for adults to earn an accredited high school diploma.

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School


PA Cyber uses the Lincoln Interactive curriculum in two ways to meet the needs of every student. Some students use Lincoln Interactive in “classes” that meet online at appointed times. Other students use Lincoln Interactive individually to learn at their own pace.