Exclusive Curriculum

Lincoln Interactive Fourth Grade

Lincoln Interactive is excited to launch a brand new curriculum for fourth grade students beginning July 1, 2012. Fourth grade is similar in structure and design to third grade and continues to transition students to the secondary Lincoln Interactive courses.

Fourth grade offers 36 full weeks of instruction that can be completed at a student's own pace. All coursework is developed and approved by certified teachers. The curriculum meets or exceeds national and state standards with stimulating courses in math, language arts, science, social studies, and wellness. Each course combines online content with hands-on applications.

Online, students will experience lesson content, videos, multi-media games, and enrichment activities. To supplement online features, students will also use hands-on learning tools, such as novels, activities books, journals, and experiments.

Because Lincoln Interactive combines online and hands-on elements in a blended-learning approach, the curriculum works well in both traditional and home-based classrooms. Virtual students can complete a full 180-day education remotely at their own pace. In a traditional classroom, Lincoln Interactive materials and activities can be used to supplement an existing curriculum. Lincoln Interactive Fourth Grade provides everything students need to be successful in the 21st century classroom.

Curriculum Highlights

Activities Books

Fourth grade students will receive four activities books for each course, one per nine weeks. These books contain colorful activity pages that reinforce each lesson's objectives. The books include on-level activities, reteaching aides, and extra practice exercises.

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Virtual games are an essential part of the fourth grade curriculum because they are custom-built to match the Lincoln Interactive course content. These online games provide a fun alternative for practice and reinforcement of the objectives taught in the lessons.

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Students will read four novels as part of the language arts curriculum. Three of the books are highly regarded children's literature. The other is an original work written by on-staff author Michael Scotto. This wonderful book is a sequel to the well-received third grade novel Latasha and the Little Red Tornado.

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Fourth grade students receive direct instruction by watching two teacher videos online each day. Each teacher has a unique, energetic personality to get students excited about learning. All videos are developed and approved by certified educators.

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Lessons Delivered Online

Lincoln Interactive uses a unique content delivery system to present lesson information. Instead of using a textbook, students will see all lesson content, homework assignments, and enrichment activities in a creative online format. There are two parts per course and four units in each part. Part 1 includes Units 1 – 4 and Part 2 includes Units 5 – 8. Each unit contains 20 lessons. The 10th and 20th lessons are exam reviews for the mid-unit and unit exams.

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Getting Started Activities

Fourth grade students can start each day with the optional Getting Started Activities, which include Brain Food and 3,2,1 Blastoff! These activities are designed to spark students' curiosity and prepare them for the day's lessons.

  • Brain Food provides interesting information on a different topic each day: technology, art, family/consumer science, music, and wellness.
  • 3,2,1 Blastoff! is a test preparation book with activities that teach organization, good study habits, and strategies for taking tests. It takes all the lessons learned in the third grade book, Ready, Set, Go!, to a new level in terms of preparing students for various types of tests.

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