Exclusive Curriculum

Cutting Edge Science Collaborators

Lincoln Interactive has collaborated with the following professionals involved in the Land Speed sport to engage students in science and engineering curriculum through video interviews embedded in the Cutting Edge Science curriculum.

LandSpeed Production


  • Louise Ann Noeth, Photographer, LandSpeed Productions (Coordinator)
  • Eric Ahlstrom, Fossett Land Speed Racing
  • Ron Ayers, Aerodynamicist, ThrustSSC, JCB Dieselmax, Bloodhound
  • Dave Brant, Race Car &Motorcycle Builder, Brant Engineering, BWS Streamliner, Class Record Holder
  • Tom Burkland, Owner/driver/builder, 411 Streamliner, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Paul Carosa, Vice President of Engineering, AC Propulsion, White Lightning Streamliner, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Dave Dahlgren, Principal, Engine Management Systems, Class Record Holder
  • Bonner Denton, Owner/driver/builder, Class Record Holder, Galileo Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences, University of Arizona
  • Ken Duttweiler, Master Engine Builder, Duttweiler Performance
  • Pete Farnsworth, Builder, Reaction Dynamics, Blue Flame Rocket, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Don Ferguson II, Owner/driver/builder, Ferguson Racing, Class Record Holder
  • Don Ferguson III, Owner/driver/builder, Ferguson Racing, Class Record Holder, SCTA President
  • George Fields, Owner/driver/builder, Trackmaster Competition Coupe, Class Record Holder
  • Rick Gold, Owner, ERC Racing Fuels www.ercracingfuels.com
  • Travis Heap, Crew Chief, Phoenix Diesel Race Truck, Class Record Holder
  • Seth Hammond, Owner/driver/builder, #77 Lakester, Class Record Holder
  • Ed Hillstrom, Team Member, Ohio State University Buckeye Bullet Electric/Hydrogen Streamliner, BNI Record Holder
  • Tom Klein, Mechanical Engineering, Master Engine Builder, Klein Engine Technologies
  • Jerry Kugel, Owner/driver/builder, Kugel Komponents, Class Record Holder, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Joe Law, Owner/driver/builder, Grumpy Old Men Lakester, Class Record Holder
  • Les Leggitt, Master Engine Builder, Class Record Holder
  • Mike Lefevers, Master Engine Builder, Founder, Mitech Racing Engines, Class Record Holder
  • Dr. Tim Leverton, JCB Dieselmax, Class Record Holder, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Roy Lewis, Owner/driver/builder, Chassis Engineering Special, C/DS Diesel Streamliner
  • Al Lowi, Professional Engineer
  • Craig McCarthy, Chief Engineer, Aerodine Engineering & Aerodine Composites
  • Dan Metz, Owner/driver/builder, University Professor, Motorsports Consultant
  • Terry Moreau, Owner/driver/builder, Moreau & McBride streamliner, Class Record Holder, Club Life Member, Electrical Engineer, ESC Systems www.oneliterlandspeed.com
  • Terry and Mike Nish, OBD, Nish Motorsports, #998 Streamliner, Class Record Holder
  • Richard Noble, Owner/driver/builder, Thrust II & ThrustSSC, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • James Rice, Owner/driver/builder, Owner, Chronologic Timing, Class Record Holder
  • Pat Rummerfield, Driver, White Lightening Electric Streamliner, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • Harry Schoell, Inventor of the Cyclone-Schoell Cycle Engine
  • Nick and Ken Smith, Drive Train Experts, Hot Rod Works www.hotrod.works.com
  • Bob Stroud, Principal, Stroud Safety www.stroudsafety.com
  • Rex Svoboda, Crew Member, 411 Streamliner, Class Record Holder
  • Al Teague, Owner/driver/builder, Spirit of 76 Streamliner, World Land Speed Record Holder
  • David R. Thom, Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc.
  • Dan Warner, Driver, SCTA Speed Records Official, Class Record Holder
  • Sam Wheeler, Owner/driver/builder, EZ Hook Motorcycle Streamliner
  • Oscar Will, ASE Master Technician, GM Certified Service Manager, CTE, Automotive Technology Instructor
  • Chuk Williams, Owner/driver/builder, Land Speed Steam Car
  • Dan Wright, Owner/driver/builder, USFRA Tech Inspector, #677 Streamliner www.bonnevilleracer.com