About Lincoln Interactive

Lincoln Interactive is a fully-accredited early kindergarten through graduation curriculum provided by the National Network of Digital Schools that combines traditional and technology-enabled teaching methods in the 21st century classroom.

Pioneering Education for the 21st Century Classroom

The 21st century classroom lets both students and teachers expand the education process by blending traditional teaching tools with new technology. Using this combination, the 21st century classroom can exist anywhere. It can be in a classroom, a home, a hospital, or any facility students may find themselves. The 21st century classroom allows education to be tailored to a student's abilities. It offers a flexible schedule in which the student can work at his or her own pace. It also gives each student the time and attention he or she deserves. In the 21st century classroom, we can ensure that all students succeed.

Lincoln Interactive Team

Defining Interactive Learning

To us, the word interactive means much more than just taking classes on a computer. Our students participate in every aspect of their education. The Lincoln Interactive curriculum combines excellent instruction with hands-on discovery to engage students and keep them interested. Our blended learning approach allows students to apply what they learn to real-world situations. They can experience web investigations, lab experiments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, games, and more.

Lincoln Interactive students are able to communicate online with their teacher facilitators to ask questions, submit assignments, and receive feedback and grades. Our students also have the ability to connect with other students through email, discussion boards, and social networking. By providing interactive learning, we are raising the standards of quality K-12 education across the country.